Download the WIP Demo here! (Windows only)

Vacuum Gap is a story driven sci-fi FPS/RPG hybrid inspired by classic games such as Deus Ex and Half Life. It is made with the video game developer community in mind. The full version will feature robust mod support and tools, and many of the assets will be released for free on for use in other projects.

Vacuum Gap is built using the Unity game engine. While its developers have not included any telemetry, tracking data, or other malicious or prviacy-invading code, please refer to the Unity website for information on telemetry that is collected automatically by Unity apps. By downloading you agree to Unity's terms and conditions. You may not reverse engineer or otherwise modify any part of Vacuum Gap.

Dark streets and neon lights

Secret science labs deep underground

The city never sleeps

What to Expect From the Demo

The Future

Work on Vacuum Gap is done almost daily, and new updates will be made available whenever major additions or improvements are finished. The next round of changes will focus on the NPC's artificial intelligence. Further down the road are an improved sound engine, and on the horizon is the content for the story mode.

The full version of Vacuum Gap will feature robust mod support. A demo build of the mod tools will be available soon.