Highly Recommended

MakeHuman is an open source character creation tool. After selecting a base geometry, you can make modifications ranging from general body shape, to fine tuning eye angles. Simple tools and a clean interface allow quick creation of rigged 3D characters for games or animations. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Mesh optimized for subdivision and animation
Various high poly and low poly base meshes
UV mapped materials included
Various export options including .OBJ
Large library of first party and community-made accessories, such as hair and clothes

What It's For

MakeHuman is for creating human mashes for use in animations, 3D renders, and games. You can adjust dozens of different phenotypical traits to customize how a 3D character looks, and then export that model to use in the 3D software of your choice. MakeHuman can export using several topologies, from low poly versions where fast performance is necessary, to high poly versions for polished renders. Similarly, you can map the model onto one of several skeletons for animation.


MakeHuman is very intuitive and easy to use. Simple sliders adjust all the human traits, and you can immediately see what effect each slider has on the finished model.